We are an online store and do not have physical retail stores. Our offices are in New York USA. We Have representatives in Cape Town and Johannesburg and soon in all major cities in South Africa.
We do not keep stop and do not have middlemen, making us not adding storage and extra cost, so you only pay for the cost of the goods, transport and a little markup for us.
You can return any item to our office near you seven within 7 days of receiving it, providing that we receive it sealed and undamaged.


We do accept payment by direct deposit, so you don't need a credit card. Once you've placed your order, just press the [Pay by direct deposit] button and you will get all the information that you need to make the payment. You don't need to fax the deposit slip - just specify your order number as a reference when making the deposit and we will assign the money to your order as soon as it appears on our statement. This usually takes a day or two, and you will receive an automated email confirmation once we have it.
You don't need to send us any proof. Provided that you put your order number as a reference on the deposit/transfer, we will automatically assign the deposit to your order. If you forget to put the correct reference on the deposit, please email the proof of payment to payment@afrikmall.co.za , or or you can take a picture and send to WhatsApp on 0824303880.
Account Holder: Afrik Travel (Pty) Ltd T/A AfrikMall Bank FNB Branch Code: 250 655 Account No: 62560787049


All Products sold on the Mall are shipped from the USA. Products are dispatched max 2 days after we have received your Payment. All products are dispatched from within America and should take up to 7 days to get to South Africa. Most of the time wasted for for shipment is with SARS.
Sometimes, delays occur and they are simply out of our control. We’re sorry your order is late. In all likelihood, the shipment may be delayed in customs. Thank you for your patience.


We Are South African owned Company based in the United State of America.
Afrikmall.co.za is exclusively selling to South Africa.

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